Mission, Vision, Goals


The mission of Christian Global Medical Healthcare Incorporated is to increase access to barrier free inclusive high quality value-based healthcare by culturally competent highly qualified professionals in friendly welcoming environments for all people  to reduce health disparities among populations served regardless of their age, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, social economic status, reproductive health preference, and national origin in this community, this state, this nation, and in this world.


Increasing access to reduce health disparities!

Our Main Vision

  1. Our vision is to become the largest non-profit provider of choice delivering barrier-free inclusive high-quality value-based primary healthcare by culturally competent highly skilled, respectful and caring professionals to reduce health disparities among populations served. in many locations for all people regardless of income, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, reproductive health preference, religion, national origin, disability, or creed. The following things are done to achieve this vision.
  • Patients who cannot afford to pay their insurance co-pays at once may sign agreement to pay the balance owed over six months.
  • The uninsured will only pay 50% of the cost of their care with no questions asked about their income levels and if they are unable to pay this amount at once, they can sign a payment plan to pay over six months.
  • Migrant workers, foreign visitors without health insurance, and undocumented individuals and families (people with no immigration status) will be seen without any request to show their social security cards, driver licenses, state/national identification cards, or their immigration status. They will only pay 50% of the cost for their care and will be allowed to sign agreement to pay over six months if they cannot afford 50% at once.
  • Patients that cannot speak English are provided with professional interpreter service to increase their access to care as well.
  • No patients are discharged from CGMH for not showing up late or never coming for appointments except for physical and verbal violence and other unlawful behaviors in clinic facilities and grounds. Patients that are frequently late for appointments and no shows are put-on walk-in basis for 90 days and encouraged to schedule for telehealth visits.
  • Engage in non-profit primary healthcare delivery in selected nations including Haiti, Burma, Liberia, West Africa, and other nations to increase access to care for their citizens.
  • To become the largest non-profit employer of choice.


Through diverse but united teammates implementing the vision that is undergirded by great philosophy and strong values, we commit to achieving the following goals toward our mission of increasing access to reduce health disparities among populations we serve.

  1. To create a non-profit healthcare delivery system that increases access to barrier-free inclusive high-quality value-based healthcare to reduce health disparities for all people regardless of their ability to pay for care, age, race, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, immigration status, income, or their reproductive health preference. This care is now provided delivered by qualified culturally competent providers six days a week through our family practice clinics and urgent care clinics. Later, we will add mental health and substance abuse treatment clinics, immigration exam clinics, pharmacy services, dental, optometry, podiatry, women’s health services, and other health services in several locations to prevent clients from traveling long distances for value-based care not available in their areas.
  2. To increase client visits by 30% each year starting 2024 through superior compassionate humble non-biased and non-threatening healthcare delivery and innovative visit scheduling models that promote more and more patients’ word-of-mouth referrals of new clients to our organization. We are working on creating online scheduling of appointments in addition to our current remote telehealth, in person, walk-in, and same day appointments at all of locations.
  3. To hire two full time providers and two full time support staff for each clinic that are highly skilled, purpose driven, caring, respectful, and culturally competent diverse professionals for each clinic by the end of 2024. Continue staff development programs, recruitment and training of new hires, and offering competitive compensations and benefits to retain staffing at all levels by the end of 2024 and onwards to meet the increasing healthcare demands for diverse clients.
  4. To identify and establish partnerships with other non-profit agencies, for-profit agencies, laboratory and diagnostic agencies, pharmacies, myriad specialties, psychological and psychiatric consultants, acute hospitals, rehabilitative, home health, convalescence, and hospice organizations for prompt referrals of our clients as appropriate in the next five years and beyond. To fully accomplish this goal, we would hire one part-time liaison personnel at each location by the end of 2025.
  5.  To identify and establish contractual/partnership relationships with at least ten professional, community, national, funding, international organizations, and governments to increase access to high quality affordable optimal healthcare services for many people in their desired settings 2030.
  6. To strive for and to maintain the collection of 95% or more of reimbursements by third party payers and individuals 2030 and beyond to buttress the effectiveness and continuity of the delivery of barrier-free inclusive high-quality value-based healthcare for all hiring. To accomplish this goal by 2030, we have hired an excellent billing company that has experience billing Medicaid and Medicare and other insurances. on December 13, 2022. The company started work January 2023 is now submitting claims to health insurance companies and collecting what little revenue Medicaid and Medicare pays the clinic. We are working on closing notes and generating and submitting visit encounters to them in timely fashion. As we get funding, we will buy dictation and transcription services to improve provider completion of visit notes in timely fashion for billing company to submit the claims on time.
  7. To reduce the number of missed appointments and no shows to 10% or less for daily scheduled patients by 2024 ending. Will achieve goal by calling and rescheduling in-person appointments throughout the day, by telehealth appointments, online appointments, walk-ins, and same day appointments.  Doing reminder calls or texting to patients about upcoming office visits and implementation of flexible access to modes of appointments to primary care clinic Monday through Saturday except holidays and weekends and to be seen in urgent care seven days a week.
  8. To achieve a maximum wait time of 10 minutes for clients to be seen by the providers after being checked in for appointments and a maximum of 30 minutes for urgent care patients 2024 ending  and beyond through prompt respectful client-centered effective support staff rooming and working up patients for providers to see them in timely fashion, a strong provider-client relationship that builds trust to reduce time with patients unless needed. To further achieve goal, we have implemented 45 minutes for new patient and adult physical exam, 30 minutes for hospital/ER follow up visit, extended establish complex patient visit, and pediatric physical exams, 20 minutes for regular established adult or pediatric chronic disease management and medication renewal visit, 20 minutes for paperwork completion visit to send to external agencies, 20 minutes to review laboratory and diagnostic results to address abnormal findings, etc. These appointment times allow more time with our patients than at any other clinics.  We collect verbal and written client input in the care being provided, client and family education, and soliciting and implementing ongoing evaluation of care feedback from clients.
  9. Partnerships with Educational Institutions to Train Healthcare Professionals and Leaders To participate in partnership education of 1-2 diverse professional students from different disciplines (medical student interns/residents, nursing students, medical assistant students, advanced practice nursing students, physician assistant students, social work and other students) in our facilities and we have executed academic affiliation agreements with 17 accredited US universities.  From 2015 to present 2023, we have trained 50 nurse practitioners (9 blacks and 41 whites), two MSW social workers, two MSN Nurse Educators, two MSN nursing management students, 8 BSN nursing students, one MBA student, one master of public health student, one doctor of ministry student, one PhD in Public Health student. We have also trained 8 Medical Assistant interns. Many of the students that graduate work in various healthcare settings thus reducing the shortage of health professionals needed in Michigan, in other states, and hopefully around the world. CGMH is open to train medical and physician assistant and other residents in the future as well. CGMH will continue to fulfill its vision of being a partner in the education of many other kinds of health professionals toward the fulfillment of its ultimate mission of increasing access to health care to reduce health disparities.
  1. CGMH Clinical and Administrative Staff Do Coach Patients On How To Get Jobs, Enroll In School And How To Become Better Parents and Caregivers Our goals for coaching our patients to be successful in all areas of life are:
    • To train and help two patients a month to gain and retain employment in industries that can absorb their talents.
    • To help two patients a year enroll and remain in community college and to train in a trade.
    • To educate two parents/caregivers a month on good parenting.

To achieve above goals, we do the followings and as a result, we have achieved many measurable goals following our list of interventions below.

    1. We help patients identify jobs that fit their readiness and then help them fill out applications on paper or on clinic computers.
    2. We educate patients to prepare and dress up for job interviews.
    3. We help patients plan their ride to interviews to arrive at least 30 minutes before.
    4. We coach patients how to sit for and go through successful job interviews.
    5. We help patients how to review different schools online that fit their desired educational goals.
    6. We make computers available for patients and our staff guide them to apply online for school or help them fill out hard paper applications.
    7. We educate pregnant women on healthy habits like smoking cessation, avoiding drugs, eating healthy, and reducing stress to reduce infant mortality rates in Kalamazoo County and surrounding places. We refer them to their County WIC programs if they cannot afford nutrients during and after pregnancy.
    8. We educate young parents to get their babies and toddlers vaccinated routinely to prevent childhood disease.
    9. We educate young parents the importance of getting early dental care for their babies and children.
    10. We educate all patients about home safety to prevent accidental death and the importance of smoke detectors, radon meters, carbon monoxide detectors in the home is delineated for patients.
    11. We teach less educated and uneducated parents and those that cannot read how to get help for their young children in school to succeed through available community programs and school system.
    12. Education on safety about sex, firearms, seatbelts, helmets, and drugs is provided here for patients 15-30 years old.
    13. We target older adults with intense education on home safety, assistive devices, avoidance of telephone fraudulent financial criminals, the use of 911 and programs in the county available for them.

The Measurable Outcomes of the above investment in patients to use their talents and now in upward economic mobility from being abjectly poor when they came to us:

  1. One of our patients opened his own restaurant in 2021 in Battle Creek!
  2. One of our patients that came to use wheelchair bound is now a manager at a local Q-Doba Restaurant; came beaming with joy saying she is now able to interview, hire, fire, workers at her restaurant and has big income with benefits on commercial insurance!
  3. Two patients work at Bronson Methodist Hospital
  4. One works at Oaklawn Hospital, Marshall MI
  5. One of our patients works at Kalamazoo Country Club
  6. Many work with local grocery and department stores in Battle Creek, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, etc.
  7. One works at Pfizer
  8. 3 work at Zoetis
  9. One works in our Portage Clinic.
  10. One works in our Grand Rapids Clinic.
  11. Four now attend KVCC and 2 at Kellogg and working on getting degrees in trade areas!
  12. One a former alcoholic is now a certified substance abuse peer counselor.