All Services and Accessibility

Pediatric Services

  • Newborn Assessments
  • Well Child Visits
  • Head Start and Daycare Physicals
  • Adoption/Foster care physicals
  • Sports physical exams
  • Sick visits
  • Management of children with autism and ADHD

On site by providers with 20 or more years of experience caring for pediatric children of all ages. Services available seven days a week by appointment.

Family Practice and Internal Medicine for Adults and Seniors Comprehensive Medical Care

  • Initial visits
  • Annual General physical exams
  • Pap test and Brest Exams
  • Annual Older Adult Wellness Exams
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Acute sick visits
  • College Physical exams,
  • Employment physical exams
  • Coordination of care with hospitals, emergency rooms, and specialists
  • Medication refills
  • Completion of forms for to have a chore provider/personal caregiver, FMLA, Disability, Disable parking stickers, Affordable housing, for food banks, etc.

Onsite by providers with more than 10 years of experience in managing the care of young adults, middle age adults, and older adults.

Immunization Service

  • We keep track of immunization schedules for all ages and ordered them to be given at local pharmacies or at local health departments.

Robust Referral to Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Immunization Clinic, to local pharmacies for older adults, and to other county health departments based on patient location.
Onsite Immunization clinic to commence soon with growth in our pediatric population.

Extended day and hour clinics and extended time with patients

  • Only Healthcare Facility with Seven Day A week Family Practice and Urgent Care Hours: Patient can schedule for any type of visit on any day!
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays clinics run from 8:30AM to 8PM
  • Saturdays 9:30AM to 5PM
  • Sundays: 2-6PM
  • Only Clinic with provider extended time with patients:
  • New patient visit: 45 minutes
  • Any type of physical exam and pap tests: 45 minutes
  • Established visits including hospital/ER follow up, chronic disease management, sick, medication refill, or review of results are 30 minutes so our patients have time to ask the providers all their questions and providers have time to explain care and teach the patients for better outcomes.

Onsite by experts in family, pediatrics, and urgent care medicine!

OB & GYN Services

  • Pap smears and breast exams  and referrals for OB of complex GYN care

Onsite for pap tests and breast exams
Robust referrals accessible to specialists for OB and complex GYN care

Diabetes Education

  • Educating Clients about the disease, what food to eat, and how to participate in their care

Onsite by trained certified diabetes educator and also access to robust referral services for those needing advanced care by endocrinologist or diabetologists.

Urgent Care Services

  • This is the only facility with urgent care service beyond seven PM week days and beyond 1PM weekends.
  • It is available seven days a week to serve county and other residents avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and long waits at other clinics for treatment of colds, rashes, cuts, eye infections, etc.

Onsite seven days a week with longer hours Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Saturdays and Sundays by staff with experience in urgent care medicine.

Dental Care Services

  • Cleaning services
  • Surgical services

Robust Access to Referrals to dentists within 2 mile radius from clinic for locals and to dentists in other counties.

Vision Care Services

  • Vision Screenings and referral available for patients

Onsite Snelling tests for all ages and robust access to referrals to optometrists and ophthalmologist within 2 and 5 mile radius from clinic and to outside specialist for far of patients.

Podiatry Care

  • Routine foot exam during physical exams and with each diabetes management visit to clinic. Referral services accessible.

Onsite foot exam on all patients during physical exams and every three months for diabetic patients and robust access to referrals to local and out of county podiatrists available for our patients.

Laboratory Services

  • Onsite approved lab tests are done and extensive laboratory work done outside of clinic

CLIA approved laboratory work done on site. Robust referral access to local and out of county laboratory facilities available for all patients.

Radiology and Diagnostic Services

  • We order X-rays and diagnostic tests for patient to enhance their care outcomes.

Robust access to referrals to local and out of county radiology and diagnostic facilities available for our patients.

Social Services

  • Coordination of care for our patient with specialists and other community agencies involved with our patients.
  • Assisting patients without health insurance to access health insurance that meet their needs.
  • Helping young expecting and at risk mothers access OB care early and help them keep appointments by providing transportation or a staff going with them
  • Repeated reminder calls for parents of young children to keep appointments and to bring children for care.
  • Teaching young parents and grandparents who become parents how to child raring skills and nutritional meal preparations to promote growth of at risk children.
  • Assisting patient on need basis with transportation money to come for appointment or to return home.
  • Providing gift certificates or buying gifts for patients without families or relatives for their birthdays.
  • Coaching patients to identify jobs they are better prepared for, how to fill out job applications, how to dress and be on time for job interviews, and how to remain on the job for long time when hired.
  • Referrals to food banks, homeless shelters, and housing agencies.

Onsite one on one coaching as we encounter patients and as results many ex-prisoners and chronically unemployed patients now have jobs of their own.

Mental Health Service

  • Medication prescribing and management for stable mental illnesses.
  • Onsite and offsite Mental Health counseling services
  • Referral to other agencies
  • Coordination of care with local

Provider with extensive mental health experience prescribes medications for stable clients.
CGMH has partnership with Park place Counseling and Associates for onsite and offsite mental health counseling services to our patients.
More complex are referred to their county mental health centers or other mental health clinics for care.
Coordination of care with inpatient mental health institutions among other things.

Pharmacy Services

  • We identify pharmacies close to patients areas that can deliver medications home or are in walking distances and recommend to patients. We encouraged patients to select pharmacies that will work with them based on their life constraints and not just to any pharmacy.

Locally, patients have robust access to many options among chained and independent pharmacies with no difficulties.
Out of county, we have identified and recommended quality pharmacies that work with us to reduce barriers for our patients to get their medications readily by calling us with any problems and we responding in a timely fashion.

Referral To Experts and Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

  • This clinic has community relationship with local and out of county emergency rooms and hospitals and their providers and case managers to provide acute care for our patients and to schedule follow up appointments with us and to send us discharge summaries.
  • We refer our patients to an array of experts in and out of county depending on where patients live and availability of experts that accept their particular health insurances.

There is robust access to acute and inpatient local and out of county emergency rooms and hospitals for our patients to get care. After care follow up appointments are often scheduled with us before they are discharged from these facilities.
This clinic has gained expertise than most small clinics in robustly accessing referrals to various experts in and out of county in a timely fashions with great patient outcomes.