We want to let you know how much we appreciate your material and financial support for the progress of this healthcare system increasing access to care for people of all races, religions, social statuses, sexual orientations, genders, creeds, national origins, all ages and regardless of disability status. In doing this, we write off 50% of the cost for people without insurance and annually this is about $40,000-70,000 of charitable service we render people who will otherwise be without their own medical provider.

So your cash donations will help to cover heavily discounted healthcare provided residents of Kalamazoo County and 12 other Michigan State counties at the moment. Your material donations of office supplies and equipment are welcomed as also donation of your unwanted vehicles to this IRS tax-exempt non-profit organization that you can claim on your taxes. Our employer identification or tax ID is 46-4149761. We have a strong fiscal policy and our financial operations are audited by an external accounting firm known as Seber Tans, PLC Certified Public Accountants located at 555 Crosstown Parkway, Suite 304, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 Phone 269 343 8180. We also have a strong conflict of interest policy that all must pass to serve on the board of directors. You are welcome to designate what program (s) you want your donation to be used for among the following needs we have right now:

  1. Please donate to buy a bigger office building in the City of Kalamazoo and for general operations cost.
  2. Donations to cover the charitable 50 that some patients cannot afford.
  3. Donations to underwrite the cost of diabetes education we provide for many patients with diabetes to educate and empower them to better manage their disease conditions.
  4. Donations are needed to cover our Patient Empowerment Initiative in which we help our many unemployed patients gain employment by teaching patients to apply for job openings we network with agencies to find around that would match their talents and the logistics to get to work daily.
  5. Donations are welcomed to underwrite our transportation and basic needs assistant program we have to help patients in desperate need of food, shoes, and clothes, and a few dollars to catch the bus or taxi back to their destination if their medical insurance does not provide transportation coverage. This money is used to buy birthday gift certificates for patients who have no family members to celebrate their birthdays.
  6. Huge donations of money and material gifts are needed to open this clinic in Benton Harbor, Battle Creek, Muskegon, Flint, and Detroit, MI where there are large pockets of populations without access to a welcoming healthcare system
  7. We appreciate donations to start this clinic in the next five years in Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Dallas, TX where many people need access to friendly welcoming healthcare to improve their health.
  8. As you can tell from our name, we are global, and it has been laid on our hearts to build clinics in Haiti, Burma, and Liberia.