Christian Global Medical Healthcare provides the following services in our Portage, Michigan Urgent Care Clinic.

  1. Acute and sub-acute cases: Examples are AOM, Bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, UTI, STDs, Yeast infection, etc.
  2. Incision and drainage of wounds
  3. Suturing of minor lacerations
  4. Fiberglass casting of fractures
  5. Splinting of sprains and strains
  6. Management of Asthma and COPD exacerbations with fast acting nebulizer inhalers, oxygen therapy, oral and inject able steroid treatments, and antibiotics when appropriate.
  7. Management of acute and chronic bronchitis and Pneumonia with inject able antibiotics, and respiratory treatments.
  8. Management of exacerbation of diabetes with fast acting insulin and patient education on self-care.
  9. Initiation of care and transfer to an appropriate acute care hospital of patients with acute chest pain, acute stroke, possible pulmonary embolism, head and other traumatic injuries beyond urgent care ability to manage.
  10. Management of acute upper respiratory infections, ear, nose throat infections, and minor dental infections.
  11. Management of patients with acute urinary tract infection, constipation, vaginal bleeding, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal yeast.
  12. Treatment of new hypertension and transfer to primary care.
  13. Management of minor eye injuries and infections.
  14. Removal of foreign bodies from nose, throat, ears, skin not requiring surgical intervention.
  15. Removal and or irrigation of ear wax
  16. Management of workplace exposure to splashes to eyes, skin, and needle poke injuries and injuries to back, limbs, and head.
  17. Sports, employment, DOT, daycare, foster care, and other physicals on walk on basis.
  18. Acute and sub-acute abdominal problems.
  19. Flu and Tetanus shots and TB screening.
  20. Minor skin infections such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections of skin, nails, and scalp, oral candidiasis, and others.
  21. Management of minor burns and frost bites.
  22. Doing pulse oxymetry, EKG readings, Doppler readings, and other.
  23. Ordering laboratory tests and diagnostics
  24. Mentoring of extern students to urgent care.
  25. Identifying acute and chronic psychiatric illness, treating and referring cases appropriately.
  26. Others.