Mental, Medical and Specialty Affiliations

Mental Health:

In May 2016, Park Place Counseling & Associates and CGMH executed a memorandum of understanding allowing Park place to provide mental health and psychological counseling for our patients in our premises and in their offices. They recommend any pharmacological treatment to be prescribed by CGMH staff in support of the therapy. This has helped many patients of ours to get time mental health care since Kalamazoo CMH can only take so much. Our clinic has a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 18 years of experience treating patients in psychiatric clinics from New York to Michigan including Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital, InterAct Kalamazoo, Berrien inpatient and outpatient mental health. Dr. Ndebe prescribes pharmacology treatments for patients across life-span that are mentally stable for PCP to manage. Patients from St. Joe CMH have been referred to her to managed their medications as well.

We also refer our patients to Urban Zone, Victory Clinic, Elizabeth Upjohn, Delano Clinic, Bronson Behavioral Health, Gilmore Rehab, Borgess 1-North.

Medical and Specialty Affiliations:

  • Bronson Health: We are very grateful to Bronson for referring patients to us that need to immediately be seen by a PCP if their facilities cannot absorb them, for giving us access to its Epic Community Connect which makes it easy to track our patients that end up in their emergency rooms and hospitals. Bronson laboratories and diagnostics also cover 60% of all our needs. Bronson Specialists of all kinds have and continue to accept referrals from our facilities in timely fashion. Thanks to Michelle and all Bronson ER staff that call to coordinate care of our frequent flying patients between our clinics and their emergency services. Bronson friendly representative come on site to educate and inform us about changes at Bronson that will affect our continual affiliations. Thank you so much Bronson Health!!!
  • Borgess Health: Borgess Health facilities are now getting to know us and as much as possible refer patients to us and do laboratory and diagnostic work for our patients. Thanks to their Specialists, ER staff, and hospitalists for caring for our patients. We are looking forward to a smoother quicker communication to us about who is admitted and to get ER and hospital discharge summaries and maybe access to view our patients in their facilities.
  • Three Rivers Health System and Sturgis Hospital In St. Joe County: The second largest of number of our patients come from St. Joe County and without the collaboration and cooperation of these two health systems facilities doing our laboratory and diagnostic work for our patients, it would have been difficult to better manage their care.
  • Lakeland Health System in Berrien County: Our third largest group of patients come from Berrien County and Lakeland Health System’s facilities in St. Joe, Niles, and WaterVliet have been instrumental in helping our patients get their lab work, diagnostics, and inpatient hospital and psychiatric services. We refer our patients to their specialists too.
  • Spectrum Health System Hospitals, Specials, Laboratory and Diagnostic Centers: It would have been totally impossible to accept patients from Kent County and patients with Molina, McLaren, and Priority Health which are not easily accepted in Kalamazoo and other if Spectrum Health System did not open its arms to accept our referrals for our patients with Molina, McLaren, and Priority Health which are not easily accepted in Kalamazoo and other counties. Their laboratories, diagnostics, and specialist clinics have easily accepted our referrals and manage our patients in their hospitals and send us consult and hospital discharge summaries.
  • Sparrow Health System in the State Capital Lansing: Our patients that come from Ingham and Eaton Counties are being managed with help of Sparrow Health Systems where they do laboratory and diagnostic work we order and results faxed to us.
  • Kidney Health Clinic and Fresenius Kidney Health: Diabetes and Hypertension are causing a lot or renal failure problems for populations and these two kidney health systems have been gracious in accepting our referrals thus reducing further complications for those accessing healthcare late.
  • Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Dentistry and Others: We want to thank all the specialists working in these specialty private clinics in Kalamazoo and other 11 counties and Indiana where our many patients come from. It will take a volume of book to name all of the wonderful different groups and clinics helping us achieve our mission of increasing access to healthcare to reduce health disparities. Thanks a million for the many ways each of you are a part and please continue to help us and God bless you very much!!!