Life Skills Training

CGMH-Trained Dedicated Staff Coach Patients On How To Get Jobs, Go to School, or Become Better Parents.

  1. Kalamazoo Life Skills TrainingWe help patients identify jobs that fit their readiness and then help them fill out applications on paper or on clinic computers.
  2. We educate patients to prepare and dress up for job interviews
  3. We help patients plan their ride to interviews to arrive at least 30 minutes before.
  4. We coach patients how to sit for and go through successful job interviews
  5. We help patients how to review different schools on line that fit their desired educational goals.
  6. We make computers available for patients and our staff guide them to apply on line for school or help them fill out hard paper applications.
  7. We educate pregnant women on healthy habits like smoking cessation, avoiding drugs, eating healthy, and reducing stress to reduce infant mortality rates in Kalamazoo County and surrounding places. We refer them to their County WIC programs if they cannot afford nutrients during and after pregnancy.
  8. We educate young parents to get their babies and toddlers vaccinated routinely to prevent childhood disease.
  9. Kalamazoo Parenting Classes and ResourcesWe educate young parents the importance of getting early dental care for their babies and children.
  10. We educate all patients about home safety to prevent accidental death and the importance of smoke detectors, radon meters, carbon monoxide detectors in the home is delineated for patients.
  11. We teach less educated and uneducated parents and those that cannot read how to get help for their young children in school to succeed through available community programs and school system.
  12. Education on safety about sex, firearms, seatbelts, helmets, and drugs is provided here for patients 15-30 years old.
  13. We target older adults with intense education on home safety, assistive devices, avoidance of telephone fraudulent financial criminals, the use of 911 and programs in the county available for them.