Anti-Discrimination Policy

July 7, 2016

Christian Global Medical Healthcare Incorporated enforces a zero tolerance for discrimination against people at all levels of the organization including ability to serve on the board of directors, to work or volunteer for the company, or to be able to get services from this non-profit based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, creed, social status, disability, age, or based on any other protected identities. This anti-discrimination police is also applicable to any other nation this institution may serve in.

Anyone suspecting a violation of this policy should without fear of reprisal report it immediately to the management or any of the board of directors verbally or in writing and the violator (s) when found guilty after a thorough, impartial investigation, will be terminated.

All board members, employees, volunteers, students, and business associates shall complete training on anti-discrimination and sign completion of such training before starting a relationship with CGMH.