Values and Beliefs

Christian Global Medical Healthcare, Incorporated believe in the following ten values.

  1. COMPASSION: We believe that understanding what our diverse clients and our diverse teammates are experiencing affect each encounter and by empathizing with them, we can effectively serve them with excellent outcomes
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY AND SAFETY: We believe and commit to maintaining a highly confidential and safe work environment at all times without exceptions for our clients, teammates, volunteers, students, business associates, contractors, etc. through continual training and implementation of policies and procedures as relating to safe work place, privacy (HIPAA and Security) laws, workplace violence, OSHA policies, infection control policies, labor law, civil rights law, and others that govern our operations.
  3. HOPE: We have a high hope that we at CGMH can make things better for all of humanity presenting in out clinics by consistently providing barrier-free culturally competent inclusive high-quality value-based healthcare for all people while relating well with our teammates, partnering agencies, donors, volunteers, students, and business associates
  4. HUMILITY OF SERVICE: We believe in serving in a respectful non-biased and non-threatening and humble manner for all of humanity.
  5.  INTEGRITY: We believe in honoring our commitments to providing barrier-free, culturally competent inclusive high-quality value-based healthcare based on the world view and daily experiences of populations served and never compromising ethics and morality. We commit to adherence to regulatory compliance at all levels of operation in this corporation and encourage our teammates to report any violations to their supervisors or to compliance officers immediately without fear of reprisal.
  6. INTELLIGENCE: We believe in acquiring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. In keeping with this value, we provide our diverse clients with culturally enriched health education to keep them current in understanding and managing their disease processes. We provide resources for ongoing education of diverse teammates to keep them current and culturally competent in the discharge of duties in their disciplines. We actively participate in the education of diverse students of all disciplines in our facilities to produce highly skilled health professionals needed to deliver care locally, nationally, and around the world.
  7. PERFORMANCE AND INNOVATION: We demonstrate excellence in everything we do now with continuous improvements from what has be learned from the past and we invent the future through curiosity for new ideas on effective delivery of barrier-free culturally competent inclusive high-quality value-based healthcare services in desirable settings to increase access and reduce health disparities among populations served.
  8. RELATIONSHIP: We believe that trust is built through respectful honest clear communication that conveys collaboration, acknowledgment, appreciation, validation, and enhancement (CAAVE) of each other’s talents in the discharge of our duties. That each person is part of the team, and no one can carry out their functions without all the members of the team in action doing their parts with excellence at the right time and for the right clients and for teammates.  Therefore, our clients and teammates are family and central to the existence of Christian Global Medical Healthcare, Incorporated.
  9. RESILIENCE: At CGMH, building a health system resilience from the day we opened to see patients on April 6, 2015, and onwards, is core to our existence. We design and implement resilient practice and infection control policies that enable CGMH Health System not only to prepare for shocks, but also to minimize the negative consequences of such disruptions, to recover as quickly as possible, and adapt by learning lessons from the experience to become better performing and more prepared. We do this by buying and stocking infection control supplies like PPEs, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, masks, goggles, shields, gloves, yellow contact gowns, and blue chucks to regularly use them as warranted and in the event of crisis make us ready! We adopt our scheduling to patient experiences and world views, remote appointments, same day and walk in visits to increase access and maintain flow of revenue. As a non-profit, we engage in grant writing, building a donor pool through solicitation of individual donations, and plan and carry out fund-raising methods to promote continuity of care and availability of staff and supplies.  We encouraged volunteer service and student training in the process as well.
  10. Volunteerism At CGMH, we value volunteers in all capacities helping us achieve our mission of increasing access to reduce health disparities and to implement the four-fold vision to accomplish the goals toward the mission. Therefore, we welcome volunteers 18 years and older that are high school graduate or equivalent to come help us. As an institution present in many locations, CGMH also encourages and sends out its staff members to volunteer with various local community programs serving the inhabitants of the local areas.